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The Most Obvious Rap Lyrics Ever – By Perd Rapley

I am feeling pretty proud of myself because I spent a fair amount of time creating Perd Rapley! Someone I have wanted to create for a long time. There has to be more than one person who is a rap fan AND a Parks and Recreation fan like me. I love rap, I hear it as positive affirmations without all the hippy shit. Just like any of our favorite things, some lyrics are better than others. Perd Rapley is here to let us know which ones maybe sound redundant and silly. He knows all about that. I have put his smiling face on whatever artist the song is by and that way if you hear the lyric just imagine Mr. Rapley laying it down. Then it fits perfectly. Here are 5 that I have made. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

That time 2 Chainz told it like it is in Birthday Song:


When Chingy covered all the bases in Balla Baby:


When Jay-Z reminded Blue Ivy who her mother is in Glory.


Dr. Dre just making sure you know in Nothin but a G Thang.


And of course when Nicki Minaj took us through her creative process in Only.


These are some of my favorite rappers and now I am adding Perd Rapley to that list. I am pretty impressed with my fake photoshop and interneting abilities. Share with someone who loves rap and Parks and Rec, or hates these songs, they may also enjoy it.

If you need me I’ll be over here feeling accomplished


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